Andrea Pirlo reacts to reports of Ronaldo flouting Covid-19 rules

Cristiano Ronaldo-Juventus

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticised for flouting the Coronavirus rules after travelling to a ski resort in an orange zone earlier this month.

Travel between orange zones is forbidden in Italy because of the Coronavirus crisis but Cristiano Ronaldo was seen spending time with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez at a mountain resort.

The Portuguese international is now under an investigation by the Italian police and he could be fined heavily if he’s found guilty.

According to Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo, Cristiano Ronaldo is a free citizen and he is allowed to do whatever he wants during his free time.

Apparently, Ronaldo had a day off and he chose to spend it with his family and fellow is reluctant to get involved in this matter.

The Juventus manager explained that the players are under his control when they are at the club but they’re free to do what they want in their off time.

“Cristiano Ronaldo had a day off and in your days off you are free to do what you want,” Pirlo said. “When they are here, they are under my control, but outside of here they are free citizens and can take their own actions.”

Ronaldo was previously accused of flouting the Coronavirus rules back in October when he travelled to Juventus without authorization.

The player tested positive for COVID-19 back then and he was dropped against Barcelona as well.

The Juventus superstar was unhappy with the situation back then and he even took to social media to label the Coronavirus test as bull**** but he went on to delete the post later on.

He was criticised by the Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora.