Atalanta boss Gasperini condemns referee over poor decision after defeat against Real Madrid

Gian Piero Gasperini-Atalanta

The Italian boss has slammed the referee over Freuler’s red card incident.

Atalanta boss Gian Piero Gasperini has run a tirade over the referee, who showed a straight red for Remo Freluer in the Champions League game against Real Madrid.

Freuler was sent off in the 17th minute after denying Ferland Mendy a clear chance and the red card, perhaps, was the quickest in the last three Champions League campaigns.

Gasperini believes that context would have been different were it not for Freuler’s early dismissal and showed his angst towards the referee for his poor decision making.

“I don’t know what the result would’ve been,” Gasperini said. “But the game was completely ruined by an incident that was judged excessively.

“I just got banned for saying something in Serie A, if I say something now then UEFA will ban me for a month. But this is football suicide. We cannot have referees who’ve never played the game and don’t know the difference between a challenge and a foul.

“If they can’t tell the difference, then they ought to go and get a different job, frankly. They should get people who played football to referee instead.”

Indeed, Madrid struggled to break the defence of Atalanta and it took a moment of inspiration from Ferland Mendy in the 86th minute to break the deadlock.

Atalanta, who were a man down, was forced to play more of a defensive football for the entirety of the game, thus sacrificing their well-known free-flowing attacking style.