Nicknames of UEFA Euro 2020 teams

UEFA Euro 2020
UEFA Euro 2020 | Photo Credit: IMAGO

We are only a few weeks away from the start of UEFA Euro 2020, contested by Europe’s finest 24 teams. Here we take a look at their monikers.

Group A 

Turkey – Ay-Yıldızlılar (The Crescent-Stars), Bizim Çocuklar (Our Boys)

Turkey’s nickname (The Crescent Stars) is derived from their national flag, which contains a white crescent and star on a red background.

Italy – Gli Azzurri (The Blues), La Nazionale (The National Team)

Italy has been nicknamed Azzurri or the Blues as an ode to the Royal House of Savoy, which united the nation in 1861.

Wales – Y Dreigiau (The Dragons)

The moniker ” The Dragons” corresponds to Wales’ national team flag, which has a red dragon in it.

Switzerland – A-Team, Nati (National Team), Rossocrociati (Red Crosses)

Switzerland’s national flag has a white cross stamped in the red background and hence the nickname Rossocrociati.

Group B

Denmark – De Rød-Hvide (The Red-White), Danish Dynamite

The nickname Danish Dynamite comes from the song “We are red, we are white, we are Danish Dynamite” by journalist Gunnar ‘Nu’ Hansen made for Euro 84.

Finland – Huuhkajat (Eagle Owls)

Finland had a match intervened by an Eagle owl named Bubi against Belgium in 2007 and it’s how their nickname was born.

Belgium – De Rode Duivels, Les Diables Rouges, Die Roten Teufel (The Red Devils)

The Red Devils normally associate with Manchester United at the club level but Belgium national team also share the same moniker.

Russia – Sbornaya or Сборная (National Team)

Russia, then known as the Soviet Union were the winners of the first-ever Euro competition held in 1960.

Group C

Netherlands – Oranje, Clockwork Orange

The nicknamed ” Oranje” is deeply embodied in the Netherlands’ culture as they wear shirts of that colour during the games.

Ukraine – Synio-Zhovti or Синьо-жовті (Blue-Yellows)

Austria – Das Nationalteam (The National Team), Unsere Burschen (Our Boys)

North Macedonia – Рисови (The Lynxes)

Balkan Lynx is a native animal found in North Macedonia and a critically endangered species.

Group D

England – Three Lions

England’s crest contains three lions and is a traditional emblem.

Croatia – Vatreni (Blazers/Fiery Ones), Kockasti (Chequered Ones)

Croatia’s red and white chequered shirt inspired the national team’s flag.

Czech Republic – Národní tým (National Team), Naši (Our Boys)

Scotland – The Tartan Army

Group E

Spain – La Roja (The Red One), La Furia Española (The Spanish Fury)

Spain’s attractive style of football often referred to as Tiki Taka, earned them the nickname La Roja.

Sweden – Blågult (Blue-Yellow)

Poland – Biało-czerwoni (White and Red), Orły (Eagles)

Poland’s nickname is inspired by its coat of arms.

Slovakia – Sokoli (Falcons), Repre (Representatives)

Group F

Portugal – A Seleção (The Selection), Seleção das Quinas (Selection of the Shields)

The defending Euro champions has five shields on their national flag.

France – Les Bleus (The Blues)

Blue has been the national colour of France since the 12th century and it is also reflected in their shirts

Germany – Nationalelf (national eleven), DFB-Elf (DFB Eleven), Die Nationalmannschaft (The National Team), Die Mannschaft (The Team)

Hungary – Magyarok (Magyars), Nemzeti Tizenegy (National Eleven)