Tottenham or Wolves-Europa League Qualification Probability

Tottenham or Wolves-Europa League Qualification Probability
Tottenham or Wolves-Europa League Qualification Probability

Wolves and Tottenham Hotspur have chances to secure qualification for the Europa League second qualifying round. This can happen if they secure the sixth spot in the league table.

Along with the UEFA Champions League qualification, the fifth spot will also be decided. So the team at fifth spot, will automatically qualify for Europa League group stage, whereas team at sixth spot will qualify for Europa League qualifying round.

3Manchester United372863
5Leicester City372862
6Wolverhampton Wanderers371359
7Tottenham Hotspur371458
17Aston Villa37−2634
20Norwich City (R)37−4421
Premier League Table – Excerpt

The Matches

The matches, those to decide the fate of the 6th and 7th spot in Premier League table

  • Wolves vs ChelseaPreview
  • Tottenham Hotspurs vs Crystal PalacePreview

Betting Odds in Two Matches

Tottenham HotspurCrystal Palace1.554.206.00

The Combination of Results

Tottenham or Wolves-Europa League Qualification Probability European Leagues Premier League UEFA Europa League
  • Six combination can see Wolves to qualify (6th Spot)
  • Three combination can see Tottenham Hotspur to qualify (6th Spot)
  • Considering ‘Bet Belief’, Chances of Tottenham Hotspur are 59%
  • Considering ‘Bet Belief’, Chances of Wolves are 41%
Wolves/ Chelsea
Tottenham/ Crystal Palace
6th Spot on Premier LeagueBet Belief*
Wolves winTottenham WinWolves15%
Wolves winDrawWolves5%
Wolves winTottenham LoseWolves4%
DrawTottenham WinTottenham15%
DrawTottenham LoseWolves4%
Wolves loseTottenham WinTottenham32%
Wolves loseDrawTottenham12%
Wolves loseTottenham LoseWolves8%
The combination of results that would affect Champions League Qualification
* Bet Belief shows chances (in %) of getting the outcome, considering Betting odds as Probabilities of Match result (Win, Draw, Lose)
TeamChances to get 6th Spot
Tottenham Hotspur59%

How The Team Would be Ranked in Premier League Table

1. Points obtained in all group matches

2. Goal difference in all group matches

3. Goals scored in all group matches*

4. Points gained in head to head record between such teams

5. Away goals scored in head to head record between such teams

6. Play-offs

* If the champions, relegated teams or qualified teams for UEFA competitions cannot be determined by rules 1 to 3, Rule 4, Rule 5 and Rule 6 to be applied (in that order) to break the deadlock.