Argument Between Julian Nagelsmann and Robert Lewandowski could lead to later’s outburst

SpVgg Greuther Fürth - FC Bayern München. Im Bild Trainer des FC Bayern München Julian NAGELSMANN und Robert LEWANDOWSKI
SpVgg Greuther Fürth - FC Bayern München. Im Bild Trainer des FC Bayern München Julian NAGELSMANN und Robert LEWANDOWSKI - IMAGO / Passion2Press

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann and Robert Lewandowski had an intense argument regarding his training towards the end of the season. Lewandowski reportedly had been ‘moods’ during the season that Nagelsmann had noticed as he advised the striker on what runs to make.

Coach Nagelsmann wanted to make wing play more efficient and wanted him to get into different positions. However, Lewandowski did not take the instruction wholeheartedly and reminded the coach that ‘it was him who’d scored 41 goals in a season’. Looks like the Poland captain wants to do it his way. 

According to Daily Mail, it is not the first time that Lewandowski showed unhappy acts towards the manager’s tactics after he moved to Bayern. Recently, he made a public statement that his career with Bayern is ‘over’ despite having a year left on his contract.

The Poland captain thinks that there is no reason of continuing to play for the Bundesliga champions, and it could be due to a falling out with Nagelsmann.

In an interview, Robert Lewandowski said “It hasn’t been easy for me at Bayern lately to find situations for a goal or a place on the field.

“When you play offensive players and the opponents are very defensive, that’s not easy for a striker.”

‘I just want to leave Bayern,’ 

‘Loyalty and respect are more important than the work. The best thing to do is find a solution together.’

he added, ‘I’m not a selfish person,’

‘I know what I had at Bayern and appreciate it very much. I also know that I’ve been doing my best not to disappoint the club and the fans for the past eight years. After this time I feel that it is time for a new stage.

‘I respect FC Bayern and its rules. But changes, especially after such a time, are part of the life of the club and the player. I hope that doesn’t come across as selfish. I have a contract, but I also tried to make it clear to the club how I feel.’

Barcelona are being linked with the striker but there is no final agreement due to the financial situation. 

There is a possibility that he could buy himself out of the final year of his deal in Germany, which would make it cheaper and easier for him to move but would also leave a bitter taste in his departure. Perhaps it is the only way to keep his peace.