Bayern Munich director Oliver Kahn calls for FFP revamp

Bayern Munich director Oliver Kahn calls for FFP revamp
Bayern Munich director Oliver Kahn calls for FFP revamp

Manchester City recently won their CAS appeal against UEFA after being punished for breaking Financial fairplay rules. 

The Premier League side were banned from participating in the Champions League for two years but they won the trial at the CAS and they are now allowed to compete in the European competition next year.

Bayern Munich legend Oliver Kahn has now shared his reaction to the issue and he claimed that the Financial Fairplay rules will have to be imposed strictly or else there is no need for those regulations. 

UEFA introduced FFP to curb irresponsible spending and build healthy competition between clubs across Europe. However, clubs like PSG and Manchester City have spent heavily to buy their way to the top and City have now managed to get away with it as well due to loopholes in the rules. 

City would have been found guilty of the breaches had UEFA been pro-active in their moves. Most of the Premier League side’s faults were disregarded at the Court of Arbitration for Sport because they are now time-barred. 

It will be interesting to see how UEFA revamp FFP going forward. Without it, the state owned clubs will be able to spend enormous sums of money which will result in an elite European league eventually. 

Smaller clubs will simply fail to compete at that level without the financial restrictions. 

Kahn said to the media: “Yes, that’s right, if we look at the Financial Fair Play issue it would be. We are very interested that Financial Fair Play should be taken more seriously.

“I don’t know the situation exactly now in Man City or Paris Saint-Germain or other clubs but I think we should take this Financial Fair Play in the future more seriously, because if we don’t do that, we don’t need it.

“I think there is a lot of work to do and as you see from the competition in Europe, we need a clear structure and serious Financial Fair Play so that we get more balanced competition.

“If in the future you only have the same clubs winning the Champions League or winning for example Bundesliga or Premier League or other leagues I think it’s getting a little bit boring. So, I think we should do everything to get really strong Financial Fair Play.”