Leroy Sane: Pep Guardiola downright reprogrammed me

Leroy Sane - Manchester City winger joining Bayern

Former Manchester City winger Leroy Sane has explained how Pep Guardiola has improved him as a player over the last few seasons.

The German international has signed for Bayern Munich but he believes that Guardiola was crucial to his development.

Sane claims that Guardiola has helped him improve positionally and tactically.

According to the player, the Manchester City manager focuses on tactics a lot and he has made the game easier and faster for his players.

He said: “In the positional play, in the general perception of the entire game, in tactical behaviour both offensively and defensively – Guardiola downright reprogrammed me. It’s the simple movements that make you think, ‘Oh, never’. But when you implement them, you realise very quickly that Guardiola is right. What he advises helps a lot, it makes the game easier and faster. Tactics are the most important thing to him.”

Sane is already a world-class winger and he should prove to be a sensational signing for the German champions.

Bayern Munich needed to sign a quality winger to replace the likes of Robben and Ribery properly.

They already have a top-class player in Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane should complete their attacking unit.

It will be interesting to see how Sane performs in the Bundesliga next season.

He knows the League well and he should be able to adapt quickly and make an immediate impact.

Bayern Munich won the Champions League this summer and they will be hoping to replicate their success next year as well.

A quality signing like Leroy Sane will raise the expectations around the club and it will be interesting to see if the German giants can deliver.

If Sane can fulfil his potential at Bayern Munich, he could go down as one of the best German players of his generation.

It will be interesting to see how Manchester City replace the German winger now. He was a key player for Guardiola and City’s attack will be weakened without him.