Coronavius: Paulo Dybala recovers after COVID-19 Contraction

Coronavius - Juventus star Paulo Dybala recovers after COVID-19 Contraction1

Juventus forward Paulo Dybala, one of the current top-players to be infected with the coronavirus, has started training once again, as he is in process of recovery.

Paulo Dybala revealed that he felt “dead tired” after just five minutes of training after contracting coronavirus. But the Juventus forward insisted he and girlfriend Oriana Sabatini are feeling “fine” following their positive test.

Dybala is one of three players at Juventus who have tested positive for the virus alongside defender Daniele Rugani and midfielder Blaise Matuidi, a World Cup winner with France in 2018. Players at other Serie A clubs have also tested positive. Dybala, 26, shared his experience with the Juventus television channel.

I’ve had strong symptoms, but I’m much better today.

Now, I can move and walk and try to work out. A few days ago, when I tried to do those things, I was struggling for breath. My muscles ached. Now Oriana and I are fine.

Football around the world has been brought to a standstill by the pandemic and Serie A has been suspended since March 9.

Your whole body hurts and you feel tired. I didn’t have a fever, I always measured it and I didn’t have it.

I heard that my lungs made a noise that was not good. Then Paulo started to feel bad. As it happens with the flu symptoms, at least for us it was like this.

We have been in quarantine for nine days. Doctors told us they will do another swab on March 31. In the meantime, they told us to rest and prescribed some vitamins to take.”

Oriana Sabatini, girl-friend of Paulo Dybala on COVID-19 contraction and recovery

The couple publicly confirmed on Instagram they had caught the killer bug last weekend.

The family members visited the Juventus star in Turin and returned to Argentina on March 12. His mother, brother Gustavo and his partner were placed in mandatory quarantine by police over fears they are carrying coronavirus.