Costa: Conte wouldn’t last a season at Real Madrid

Costa Conte wouldn't last a season at Real Madrid
Costa Conte wouldn't last a season at Real Madrid

Diego Costa and Antonio Conte had won a Premier League title together at Chelsea but were also involved in a high-profile feud, which resulted in Costa’s exit from London based outfit just before 2018 Russia World Cup.

The Italian is regarded as one of Europe’s top coaches following spells in charge of Juventus and Chelsea. The feud and subsequent sacking of Conte later resulted a bitter negotiation process as Chelsea felt they could have had better transfer deal for Costa, if Conte had handled the situation more sensitively.

Antonio Conte may have won league titles in Italy and England, but now Diego Costa thinks that the Inter coach would not last a season in charge of Real Madrid.

Conte won three consecutive Serie A titles with Juventus and spent two years in England, where he led Chelsea to Premier League and FA Cup win.

During his spell at Chelsea, Conte had run-ins with Costa and told the striker via text message that he was not wanted at the club. The Spain international eventually left to return to Atletico Madrid and has been a vocal critic of the coach and Chelsea since then.

The mercurial Spanish striker, says he no longer has a problem with Conte and admits he is a talented coach, even if he lacks the “human” touch needed to succeed at a team like Real. 

[Conte and I] had problems off the pitch, but I think he is a really good manager,”

I have no hard feelings towards Conte, but to be a top, top manager, he needs to change the human side of his management. He is very suspicious. At a team like, say, Real Madrid, he would never last a season.

Diego Costa on the problem he had with Chelsea manager Antonio Conte during their time together in London (ESPN)

Although he was born in Brazil, Costa made just two appearances for the national team before switching his allegiance to Spain.

The striker faced criticism for his decision, but he says former Brazil boss Luiz Felipe Scolari made it an easy one.

After the friendly against Russia, he said he would call me up again because I hadn’t played many minutes.

I think it was just to get in my head. I remember several forwards were injured but Scolari would not select me. I stayed quiet, but wasn’t selected for the Confederations Cup.

The possibility of Spain emerged and I accepted. How could I say no?

Suddenly, they started saying Scolari wanted me. Well, he never called me once. How could it be that he wanted me? I then saw it written that I had ruined the dreams of millions of Brazilians. Why not say that he didn’t look for me? Then it’s simple.

Diego Costa on his moving from Brazil to Spain (ESPN)