Dutch and Belgian clubs merger could mean an exciting future for Celtic-Rangers

SPFL ends season, Celtic Champion and Hearts relegated
SPFL ends season, Celtic Champion and Hearts relegated

Belgian clubs have voted in favour of a possible merger with the Holland Eredivisie to form the BeNe League.

Apparently, all 25 clubs in the top two divisions of Belgium have agreed to explore the possibility of eight teams joining ten other clubs from Holland to form the BeNe League.

According to reports, seven of the eight Belgian clubs shortlisted for BeNe League are Club Brugge, Anderlecht, Standard Liege, Gent, Genk, Royal Antwerp and Charleroi.

The Dutch clubs are yet to hold their own voting on the matter but the possibility of earning around £343,000,000 a year in marketing and television rights if the BeNe League proposal goes through, could prove to be tempting for Dutch clubs and it could convince them to accept the merger.

Former Belgian international Vincent Kompany has now had his say regarding the merger and how it could benefit the Belgian and Dutch clubs. He said: “It’s a matter of survival. The sooner the better. The major European clubs have plans to isolate themselves and establish their own leagues.

“As a result, the financial strength of these clubs may double or triple, while we are left with very little resources to make progress. That is why we have to open the borders and become stronger together. Here is a lot of talent in our country. We can keep the best players here longer if we can offer them better competition.”

Such an idea was floated back in 2009 involving Celtic and Rangers and the formation of the Atlantic League.

It will be interesting to see if the two Scottish clubs decide to break away from the Scottish League and join up with other European clubs in a merger in the coming years.

Celtic and Rangers are undoubtedly far ahead of the competition in terms of quality and finances and they deserve to be competing at a higher level in the League.