European Super League expected to return with massive changes in future

Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez at Turin-Real Madrid vs Juventus
Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez at Turin-Real Madrid vs Juventus - IMAGO / Gribaudi/ImagePhoto

Elite European clubs proposed the idea of the European Super League back in April but the concept of the breakaway tournament was shelved immediately after protests from fans and major footballing authorities.

However, it seems that the European Super League plans are far from over and the competition could return with radical changes in future.

All of the Premier League clubs pulled out of the competition immediately but the likes of Real MadridBarcelona and Juventus have been committed to the project despite all protests and the Athletic are reporting that the competition could return with a different structure.

The new format of the European Super League would include 20 elite teams along with two twenty-team feeder leagues below them.

Apparently, there will be a third-tier involving four more leagues of 20 teams which would take the total number of clubs involved up to 140.

Furthermore, the new format of the competition will be beneficial for the smaller clubs especially in comparison to the current UEFA Champions League format.

Currently, the smaller teams have a limited number of games to play before the European adventure ends because of poor performances.

Under the new structure from the European Super League, the smaller teams would have the opportunity to play several competitive fixtures throughout a season against clubs from across the continent.

This would result in more revenue for the smaller clubs and extended involvement in the European competition. 

It remains to be seen whether the authorities can get 140 clubs to get on board especially with the likes of UEFA looking to block the plans.