Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona organise a meeting to discuss the future of the European Super League

Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez at Turin-Real Madrid vs Juventus
Andrea Agnelli and Florentino Perez at Turin-Real Madrid vs Juventus - IMAGO / Gribaudi/ImagePhoto

The idea of the European Super League was floated earlier this summer. Still, the proposed concept came crashing down when several of the participants decided to pull out of the project.

According to reportsJuventusBarcelona and Real Madrid are still keen on the European Super League. The three clubs are currently in a meeting regarding the future of the project in Barcelona.

Florentino PerezAndrea Agnelli and Joan Laporta have been filmed arriving in Barcelona.

The three clubs are crippled financially, and they need the European Super League money to sustain their operations.

The report adds that Barcelona will need to take drastic measures to avoid bankruptcy after recording losses of around £412 million.

The Spanish giants have already lost Lionel Messi, and several of their first-team players have been linked with moves away from the club.

Meanwhile, the likes of Juventus are struggling to afford the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo as well, and the Italian giants could use a financial boost right now.

The European Super League was designed to provide more financial support for the European elite. Still, several Premier League clubs have pulled out of the project, and that has led to the collapse of the tournament.

Recently Barcelona were handed a lifeline when La Liga announced a deal with US investment fund CVC worth around €2.7 billion.

However, the Spanish outfit have rejected the deal along with Real Madrid because it would mean giving up 10% of the money made on television rights to the investors for the next 50 years.

UEFA and FIFA have been adamant that the European Super League will not go ahead, and the clubs participating in the competition will be fined accordingly.

It remains to be seen whether Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona can find a solution to their problems in the coming months.