FIGC considering every options to conclude Serie A 2019-20 season

FIGC considering every options to conclude Serie A 2019-20 season
FIGC considering every options to conclude Serie A 2019-20 season

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has reiterated its desire to complete Serie A 2019-2020 season and, to ensure the same announced a series of alternative plans, including playoff/qualifiers to decide the champion and the teams, that would be relegated to Serie B.

Plan A: Complete the season

The federal board of directors met yesterday and stressed their priority, which is to resume Serie A in mid-June and play out the remaining twelve match-days before August 20. It can be remembered that the Serie A has been held up as Italy became one of the worst affected countries of Coronavirus outbreak.

In accordance with the principle of sporting merit as the basis of competitions, as provided by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), the FIGC expressed its willingness to resume and complete national professional competitions by setting August 20 is the date to finish Serie A, Serie B (Second category) and Serie C (Third category).

It will be up to the Board of Directors to determine, before the start of the activity, the criteria for defining the competitions in the event that they should be suspended again.

Statement, The Italian Football Federation (FIGC)

As the Government postponed the timeframe to start the sporting activities from June 12 to June 15, that might have generated some doubt related to resumption of the league, but the successful restart of Bundesliga will certainly inspire other league to chase restart plans.

Plan B: Playoff

But in case, twelve match days could not be played out, the FIGC reported that it could organize a “playoff” and a “playout” to crown the Italian champion 2019-2020 on the field and decide which teams would be relegated from Serie A.

The same would apply to the other two lower professional categories, Serie B ( Second Division ) and Serie C (Third).

Plan C: Cancellation

In addition, in the event that the coronavirus pandemic forces Serie A to cancel rest of the the season, the Board of Directors will set “objective coefficients” to choose the Italian champion and the three clubs that will be relegated.

For the time being, the Scientific Technical Committee, which is collaborating with the Government in the management of the pandemic, has approved the clubs to start group training.

From Minister of Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, convocó una reunion con Gravina y of presidente of the League of Serie A, Paolo Dal Pino, from próximo 28 de mayo , nasty in the que if decidirá “si y cuando” if reanudará of Campeonato liguero.