Jose Mourinho to Fabregas: If you come, we’ll win the title

Jose Mourinho to Fabregas - If you come, we'll win the title
Jose Mourinho to Fabregas - If you come, we'll win the title

Former Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed how Jose Mourinho convinced him to come to Stamford Bridge.

The Spaniard’s allegiance with Arsenal made it an awkward move for him but he explained how it was a big step in his career and he enjoyed great success because of that. 

Apparently, the Chelsea boss wanted two players who could win him the Premier League title. 

He told Fabregas that Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa was on his way to Stamford Bridge and Fabregas would complete his puzzle. 

Fabregas revealed: “One day, when I first met him he told me ‘I need two players, I’m going to sign Diego Costa. If you come to me…’, he drew me the team on paper and said ‘this team is winning the title’.

“The first day I met him he said ‘I only need two players: Diego, who is basically signed’ and then Thibaut Courtois was coming but if not it was Petr Cech. It’s basically the same. But he said: ‘you come, we will win the title’.

“After that, working with him, he’s probably the coach that played with my mind better. He’s a great coach for great players. He plays with the mind. He stimulates you. One day, we were doing very well in the league and he texts to tell you how good you are, how you played so well… [but then] ‘today you were rubbish’. Like this, he plays with you.”

The former Arsenal star became a huge hit at Stamford Bridge and he helped Chelsea win two Premier League titles. 

He also won the FA Cup and the League Cup with them.

Fabregas was Chelsea’s most important player after Diego Costa during his time at the club. 

Not only did he produce countless assists for his teammates, his ability to control the game helped Chelsea dominate the league from start to finish. 

It is safe to say that Fabregas played his best football at Chelsea under Mourinho. At Arsenal, he was a prodigy but he was yet to reach his peak.

At Barcelona, he was a squad player and was often used further forward. 

Fabregas was allowed to flourish in his best role at Stamford Bridge and he showed the world how good he was as a central midfielder.