Klopp, Mourinho reactions on Overturning Man City’s European ban

Klopp, Mourinho reactions on Overturning Man City's European ban
Klopp, Mourinho reactions on Overturning Man City's European ban

Manchester City recently managed to overturn their Champions League ban after an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sports. 

The Premier League side were banned from the Champions League after breaching financial fairplay regulations. However, they challenged UEFA’s decision in court and they have won the appeal.

City will now be able to compete in the Champions League next year.

That said, they will have to pay a fine of €10m as punishment for their offences. 

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has now shared his opinion on the matter. The German manager thinks that the verdict is not good for football as it will allow the mega-rich clubs to do what they want and there will be no restrictions anymore.

It could lead to the creation of the World League where the teams would compete financially and lose their identity.

However, he adds that City’s participation in the Champions League will give them more fixtures to contend with and that could help Liverpool in the title race. 

Klopp said: “From a personal point of view, I’m happy that City can play Champions League next year because if I think about the league, if City has 10-12 games less, I don’t think anybody has a chance.

“But I don’t think it was a good day for football yesterday, to be honest. FFP is a good idea. It is there for protecting teams and the competition, so that nobody overspends and have to make sure the money they want to spend is based on the right sources.

“I’m from Germany, we have a club basis not an owner one. You have to get your licence every year. FFP is a good idea – but it’s not up to me to judge it (City decision) I just think we should all stick to FFP rules. I really hope it stays. It gives some borders.

“If the richest clubs and countries can do what they want to do, then that makes it difficult. That would lead to a world league, it would depend on who owns the clubs and not the names of the clubs.”

Meanwhile, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho echoed similar sentiments as well.

He said that CAS’ decision is a disgrace and City should not be able to get away with just a fine. His reasoning is that City would not have been told to pay the fine if they were innocent. 

Therefore, the Premier League giants could be guilty. In that case, they are getting off easily. 

He said: “In any case it’s a disgraceful decision. If Man City is not guilty of it, to be punished by some million is a disgrace. If you’re not guilty you’re not punished. In the other way, if you’re guilty you should be banned. So it’s also a disgraceful decision. In any case, it’s a disaster.

“If you’re not guilty, you don’t pay. I’m not saying Man City is guilty. I’m saying if you’re not guilty you don’t pay. You are not punished, even with a pound. I know that money is quite easy for them but it’s just a principle. Why are you paying eight or nine million pounds if you are not guilty? 

“If they are not guilty the decision is a disgrace. If you are guilty the decision is also a disgrace. If you’re guilty you should be banned from the competition. My criticism is not for Manchester City I’m nobody to know if they’re guilty or not. My criticism is for the decision.”