Sergio Ramos opens up about his future, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Ronaldo, Messi and Haaland

Sergio Ramos-Lucas Vanquez-Real Madrid

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is back in training with team after he recovered from a knee injury, and the 34-year-old is keen to perform well in the remaining fixtures for current season. He will be a free agent on June 30, so Spain captain is ready to prove himself on the field.

Real Madrid

Speaking ahead of the upcoming original documentary series on Amazon Prime, “The Legend of Sergio Ramos”, which consists of six episodes, Ramos looks like – he is ready to continue with Real Madrid and win trophies for the club.

There has been a sigh of relief as he is back with his teammates..

I am finally back with the team. Now comes the most important [stage of the season] and I would like to help with great performances.

Hopefully we can win a big trophy and dedicate it to the fans.

Ramos has scored 72 goals for Real Madrid (11 in the last season) till now, started as a forward. He enjoying the attacking part of the game and helped his team to earn few vital points in last few seasons.

If I weren’t a Centre-Back I would definitely be a forward. Once Ancelotti told me he wanted to use me as a forward but then… well, they sacked him and I couldn’t (laugh) and now with Zidane I like to go in the attack when things don’t go well.

On playing as a forward

Sergio Ramos – Future

There has been speculation for Sergio Ramos’s future for a long time. All European giants have been linked with this transfer gossip. At the age 34, it is widely speculated that there was a rift between him and Real Madrid, and the reason was the span of contract. S

I wish I could say something, but everything remains the same, 

All I’m thinking about is coming back and finishing the season in the best possible way. There’s no news of my renewal, I wish I could [say something]. 

I’m calm and I’m only thinking about playing again and winning a trophy.

I can play five more years at the highest level. If injuries are not too bad, my mentality will help me



As Sevilla have been the club, Ramos was associated with before Real Madrid, he said

Sentimentally, I was worried about Sevilla’s elimination, because it is a club that I carry in my heart. Quite the opposite with Barcelona, satisfaction increases when you see a direct rival fall.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Before the final in Kiev you could see that Cristiano was leaving, I didn’t want to believe it and was hopping that he’d change his mind but it was already decided. He could never be blamed, Cris had the right to make a decision regarding his future.

On Cristiano Ronaldo

Barcelona and Lionel Messi

When asked if he would join Barcelona, he said that it’s not happening in his life-time.

I would never play for Barcelona, nor for €50M nor for €70M per year. There some things that money can’t buy. It’s impossible

On Joining Barcelona

Would I accept Messi in Madrid? 100%. Without doubts. I would even invite him to my house to help him (laugh).

On having Lionel Messi in Real Madrid

I have a massive respect for Laporta, he’s very charismatic. I met him once and really liked him

On Joan Laporta

Erling Haaland

Real Madrid were speculated to target both Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland, it is believed that the club could be more willing to have an immediate deal with Erling Haaland this summer and try to bring the frenchman in next summer.

The decision has lot to do with kind of asking price the players would have in 2021. Whereas Haaland is available for €70M, Mbappe will cost Real Madrid a fortune.