O’Hara: Phil Foden is the best talent, could captain England

England have some exceptional young players at their disposal right now. Foden certainly is an elite talent and could captain national team.

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England have some exceptional young players at their disposal right now and Foden certainly is an elite talent. 

Whether he is better than the likes of Jadon Sancho or Trent Alexander-Arnold remains to be seen. Both players have produced incredible performances for Dortmund and Liverpool over the past two seasons and in terms of importance to the side and end product, they are clearly ahead of Foden for now.

However, the Manchester City player is extremely good as well and he could be performing at their level soon. 

It will be interesting to see how he develops at City in the coming years. Working with a world-class manager like Pep Guardiola has certainly helped his growth and he will only keep getting better with time. 

O’Hara claimed that the midfielder is better than the Manchester United duo – Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood. 

He said to talksport:  “I think he’s he’s a potential future England captain. For me, he’s going to be one of the best players we’ve ever seen play for England. We talk about David Silva, a Man City legend in terms of what he’s done, but he went to the club when he was established as a finished article. For me, Phil Foden is going to be way better than Silva at Man City. He’s doing it already against Real Madrid and he’s still only a kid.”

He added: “Everyone’s talking about Greenwood, Rashford and all these great young players, but Foden is the best player. He will be England’s best player. Play him anywhere he wants to play. I think he can play anywhere.”