Neymar: Messi also has it and not for being more handsome

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Lionel Messi is a legend and has inspired many in the football fraternity. Neymar is no exception. Neymar has seen him from a close quarter during his tenure in Camp Nou and eventually decided to move on to Paris as he felt that he should look for a primary role in a team.

In a recent interview, Neymar has claimed that he has earned the respect of his national teammates as well as his club teammates because he has been the most crucial player in the teams he represented. The Paris-Saint-Germain forward used Lionel Messi’s role at Barcelona as an example to explain why he might get different treatment.

He said, “I have been in the national team for ten years. I have always been one of the most important players, and one of those who had has led the way as I never hid, and I always did well with the national team.”

Neymar also mentioned, “When a player has this performance, it’s normal to have different treatment at Barcelona, Messy has a different treatment.” He also asked, “Does he have a term for being more handsome?” and answered himself, – “No, it is for what he has done.”

He added, “I say Now This not only for myself but for all the players that have reached this level.”

The Brazilian will celebrate his hundredth game with Brazil, and a friendly against your San Diego, and he revealed his three best moments with the national team.

The first one was his debut against the United States in 2010, the second one being World Cup debut, and the third one was the World Cup goal in 2014. World Cup 2014 also saw Neymar being severely injured in Quarter-final against Colombia. It took months before he returns to football.

The Brazilian expressed his wish to depart from PSG last summer. PSG and Barcelona could not reach an agreement on this aspect. This led a large section of PSG fans against Neymar, and they have been expressive during the last few matches. But Neymar changed the tide with a stellar performance.

Neymar mentioned, “I am happy both in the national team and in the club. ” He noted, “everyone knows I wanted to leave, but I am happy now. The season that started quite well now in personal terms, and I will give everything so that we can win titles.”