Fans rejected the idea of selling sports as an entertainment package, FA thanks football fans

Stamford Bridge Protest

The European Super League has faced a strong backlash from the footballing fraternity, especially from the fans, who believe that the newly proposed league could be detrimental in many different ways.

The new breakaway league was announced on Monday, with the likes of the Premier League’s big six, three Spanish and Italian clubs revealing to be the founding members.

Almost more than half of the football fans continue to take a stand against the new competition, with many believing that it has been created only for financial gain among the 12 participants. As Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola pointed out the beauty of Sports lies in the fact that it is based on performance, and vehemently protested the security the 12 founder member would enjoy in European Super League structure.

The continuous protests from the fans all over the world seem to have created an immediate impact as clubs like Chelsea, and Manchester City have decided to withdraw from the competition.

Even in a poll conducted by YouGov, the majority of the fans revealed to agree with the disapproval of the ESL while wanting the founding members to be punished.

Many former players and experts feared that the new breakaway league could change the landscape of football once and for all, but now there is huge certainty on whether the competition will come to fruition. Fans have once again shown that their say can have a lasting impact off the field.

FA thanks fans for their efforts to stop ESL

Chelsea faithful were spotted protesting against the European Super League outside Stamford Bridge, which eventually led to the Blues owner Roman Abramovich backing out of the league, so did Manchester City.

Now, the Football Association (FA) has thanked the fans for their immense support to stop the newly proposed league.

“We welcome the news that some of the Clubs have decided to abandon the plans for the European Super League, which threatened the whole football pyramid.

“English football has a proud history based on opportunity for all clubs, and the game has been unanimous in its disapproval of a closed league. It was a proposition that, by design, could have divided our game; but instead, it has unified us all.

We would like to thank the fans in particular for their influential and unequivocal voice during this time, holding to the guiding principles of football. It is a powerful reminder that the game is, and always will be, for fans.