Marcelo Bielsa reacts, Leeds protests and how ESL could affect West Ham, Leicester, Everton

Marcelo Bielsa-Leeds United

Bielsa reacts to ESL move

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has hit out at the clubs looking to form the European Super League.

After last night’s game against Liverpool the Argentine manager revealed that the big clubs are acting in their own self-interest and they are risking the future of the game in their hunt for more revenue.

Bielsa also revealed that football belongs to everybody and the clubs should have considered how the fans would feel regarding the European Super League.

It seems that the fans across the globe are not keen on the idea of the European Super League and all six Premier League clubs who have decided to sign up for the competition have faced huge backlash and criticism over the last couple of days.

“Football belongs to everybody even if there are owners,” said the Leeds United manager.

“The real owners of football are the ones who love the badge. Without them, football would disappear.

“Any decision that attacks all the people, all the fans of football, and that privileges only on sector, is staking the future.”

 “This shouldn’t surprise any of us. The stronger teams think they have the most influence over generation revenue in football. If you take into account this logic, when the rest of the teams are no longer necessary for them, they take privilege in their own interest and forget about the rest.

 “Of course it causes harm to football. Because football has always a view that is more commercial now, it is natural that in the world of businesses and looking only at the economic aspect, the ones that produce the most demand the majority of it.

“That is common in the world of business but football is not only a business.

“Of course there are different teams that are more important than others but they should be conscious that we need each other.”

Protests from Leeds fans and players 

Meanwhile, Liverpool had to face severe protests from the fans and the Leeds United players before their game last night.

The Leeds United fans greeted the Liverpool coach before the game with banners and chants criticizing them for their participation in the European Super League and the players wore T-shirts bearing messages that the clubs looking to form the European Super League should earn their revenue and success on the pitch instead of conspiring behind the other clubs.

 What next for West Ham, Leicester and Everton?

The likes of UEFA and FIFA have sent out stern warnings to the clubs looking to participate in the European Super League that they could be banned from the Champions League and their players could be stopped from playing international football with their respective nations.

There have been rumours that the clubs participating in the competition could have points deducted and disciplined for their selfish move.

If the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are banned from playing European football next season it could be a great opportunity for the likes of West Ham UnitedLeicester City, and Everton to take their place in the Champions League and establish their European credentials.

England are awarded four places in the Champions League and if the big six are excluded from the competition next season, these mid-table clubs are likely to take their place and it will be interesting to see how they perform in Europe’s premier competition next year.