Chelsea and Man City lead Premier League pull out from European Super League, Arsenal apologise

Pep Guardiola-Manchester City

All of the six Premier League clubs walk away from the European Super League. Spanish duo and Milan clubs could follow.

When the European Super League was announced on Sunday night, few would have expected the tournament to fold within the next 48 hours.

The announcement was received with massive protests and backlash from fans across the globe who are simply not interested in the idea of forming an exclusive league involving some of the most successful clubs on the planet.

Fast forward to Tuesday night, all six Premier League clubs have now pulled out of the competition, and they have sent out official statements confirming their withdrawal from the European Super League.

The weekend matches in the Premier League and on Monday night were faced with widespread protests from the fans and the media.

Furthermore, sponsors started to pull out of their agreement with clubs like Liverpool because of their participation in the European Super League as well.

#LFC's official global timing partner Tribus end their partnership with the club in protest over ESL sign up. “Football belongs to the fans and unites us all. It was never intended to benefit the few.”

The pressure from the fans, media and sponsors seem to have sealed the fate of the newly announced European Super League, and it is highly unlikely that the exclusive competition will take off anytime soon.

Chelsea and Manchester City were the first Premier League clubs to announce their withdrawal from the tournament, and they deserve massive credit for responding to the demands from their fans and accepting their mistake swiftly.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, tweets: The decision by Chelsea and Manchester City is – if confirmed – absolutely the right one and I commend them for it. I hope the other clubs involved in the European Super League will follow their lead.

The likes of LiverpoolArsenalTottenham and Manchester United followed up with official statements earlier tonight.

However, it has to be mentioned that Arsenal were the only club that apologized to the fans and accepted that the decision to join the European Super League was a mistake.

The other five Premier League clubs simply announced their withdrawal from the tournament, and the fans would have expected a more apologetic response from their clubs.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Atletico Madrid and Barcelona could pull out of the European Super League as well.

In other news, Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward has announced that he will step down from his role at the end of 2021. 

Woodward was a key figure behind Manchester United’s entry into the European Super League, and he has been heavily criticized by the fans for his role. 

His departure has been welcomed by the Manchester United fan base, who are now hoping to see the back of their owners as well.