Jose Mourinho reacts to defeat against Liverpool, slams Jurgen Klopp

Jose Mourinho-Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham crashed to a 2-1 defeat against Liverpool in the Premier League last night but manager Jose Mourinho is adamant that the best team lost the game.

Tottenham created three very good opportunities to score throughout the game but they managed to convert just one of those chances.

The likes of Steven Bergwijn and Harry Kane missed glorious opportunities in the second half to give Tottenham the lead.

Jose Mourinho believes that his team were better on the night and they could have easily won if they had taken their chances.

Mourinho said: “The best team lost and he disagreed but that’s his opinion.

“I told him (Klopp) the best team lost. He disagreed. That’s his opinion. By the way, if I behaved the way on the touchline like he does, I have no chance to stay there – and I’m out after a minute. I’m treated different – and that’s sad.

“I think even a draw would have left us not with the best taste because we had them there to win it.

“It was not just about the big chances, it was the moment of the big chances. The moment was when they were in trouble, in their worst moment, and we had it there to kill it and we missed it.

“Normally, in matches of this level, you pay [for] it. I thought we were going to pay [for] it by just taking a point, but in the end, we did not even take a point so it is very disappointing.”

Tottenham were in red hot form coming into the game and they were expected to pull off an upset at Anfield.

Instead, Liverpool managed to grind out all three points and climb to the top of the table despite their injury issues.

Regardless of what Jose Mourinho claims, statistics tell another story of the Liverpool – Tottenham clash.

The Reds were by far the dominant side in the games with 76% ball possession. They made 200 passes in the final third of the game compared to Tottenham’s 19.

Liverpool missed chances to score goals as well and although Tottenham had the better chances on the night there is no doubt that the home side deserved to pick up all three points on the balance of play.