Liverpool vs Manchester City: Alisson reaction to errors, Keane slams title defence, Guardiola hits out at Klopp

Jurgen Klopp reaction, after Liverpool won Premier League

Alisson reaction to errors

Liverpool were thrashed by Manchester City at Anfield earlier today and Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson was directly responsible for all four goals.

Two of Manchester City’s goals came from his misplaced pass and the other two were poor shot-stopping on his part.

Alisson has been outstanding for Liverpool since his move from Roma and he is arguably one of the best players in the Premier League.

However, it was an uncharacteristic display tonight and Jurgen Klopp has revealed what the Brazilian said to him after the game.

“I spoke to him now a few seconds ago. He is obviously very disappointed and his words were, ‘not today, not today’ and I said, ‘yeah, that’s the problem with mistakes, you cannot decide when you make them’. The only thing you can do is learn off it,” Klopp said.

Guardiola slams Klopp’s excuses

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has now accused Jurgen Klopp of making excuses for his side’s poor run of form this season.

He claimed that anyone making excuses for poor performances cannot move forward in football.

Recently Klopp claimed that Manchester City have had breaks during the season which allowed them to keep their players fresh and his comments did not go down well with Guardiola.

“It’s finding excuses [to moan],” he said. “When I complain to my players or when you complain, you find an excuse and when you have excuses you cannot move forward. Excuses are the worst in the world in football, in sport. So I’m not judging what the other managers said but the comment, what Jürgen said – “two weeks off” – the purpose I don’t know.”

Keane labels Liverpool as bad champions

Finally former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has accused Liverpool of being bad champions and he slammed them for their title defence so far.

The Reds are currently 10 points behind league leaders Manchester City.

The season so far has been plagued with injuries for the defending champions but Roy Keane had little sympathy for their situation.

The pundit claimed that Liverpool players are making excuses and they did not show the desire to retain the title this season.

“They are making a lot of excuses,” Keane said. “To me, they’ve been bad champions.

“I just can’t figure this group out … I think they’ve maybe all believed the hype over the last year or two … In my mindset when you win the league the next challenge is always ‘can we do it again?’ I never got the impression from this group, from their interviews, from their manager last year, they said it’s a long wait, 30 years, let’s enjoy this, but I never heard the players come out and say ‘we want to do this again’. They’re now talking about trying to get in the top four.”