Premier League clubs refuse to let players leave for red list countries during the international break

Bruno Fernandes-Manchester United

The international break is coming up in September and Premier League clubs have decided that they will refuse to release their players for the games scheduled in red list countries.

Apparently, players travelling in the red list countries will have to quarantine upon their return and that could lead to them missing key matches for their respective clubs.

Therefore the Premier League are not willing to risk their involvement in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis.

According to The Athletic, the decision from the Premier League will impact around 50 to 60 players from the top flight.

The decision will come as a major boost for clubs who were hoping to lose their key players during the international break.

For example, Liverpool would have been without Alisson, Fabinho, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah during the upcoming international break and all of them would have missed around two to three matches for the Reds.

Jurgen Klopp will be delighted to have his key players at his disposal now. 

Similarly, the other clubs are set to hold on to their players during the international break as well.

It will be interesting to see how FIFA react to the situation now. There have been rumours that the clubs and their players could face consequences for their decision.

A statement read: “Premier League clubs have today reluctantly but unanimously decided not to release players for international matches played in red list countries next month.

“The clubs’ decision, which is strongly supported by the Premier League, will apply to nearly 60 players from 19 Premier League clubs who are due to travel to 26 red list countries in the September international window.

“This follows FIFA’s current position not to extend its temporary release exception for players required to quarantine on their return from international duty.

“Extensive discussions have taken place with both The FA and the Government to find a solution, but due to ongoing public health concerns relating to incoming travellers from red list countries, no exemption has been granted.

“If required to quarantine on return from red list countries, not only would players’ welfare and fitness be significantly impacted, but they would also be unavailable to prepare for and play in two Premier League match rounds, a UEFA club competition matchday and the third round of the EFL Cup.

“This period takes into consideration 10 days of hotel quarantine on return to England but does not include any additional time that would be required for players to regain match fitness.”

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters added: “Premier League clubs have always supported their players’ desires to represent their countries – this is a matter of pride for all concerned.

“However, clubs have reluctantly but rightly come to the conclusion that it would be entirely unreasonable to release players under these new circumstances. Quarantine requirements mean that players’ welfare and fitness will be significantly impacted. We understand the challenges that exist in the international match calendar and remain open to workable solutions.”