Premier League to be behind-closed-doors TV-Event

Premier League to be behind-closed-doors TV-Event
Premier League to be behind-closed-doors TV-Event

With total 92 matches remaining in Premier League, it is desperate to finish the season to avoid a huge financial repercussion with TV networks.

The top-flight clubs into financial disarray, they are sure to loss of matchday revenues for rest of the year (for example, Tottenham are missing out on £5million revenue per home game)., but the continuation of the business can prevent further revenue losses.

With the deals with players yet to be reached and media and a divided Premier League on availing government packages for their non-playing staff due to media and public repercussion making things worst. Only West Ham and Southampton have had an agreement reached wage cuts with their players.

By June or July, they will be playing games solely as TV events. 

If they have to play four games a day at Wembley to get it done, they will do that.

A source in contact with Premier League chairmen has told The Times

No official return date has yet been put on the Premier League, still suspended indefinitely. The exhaustive options we have for Premier League right now:

Options to complete Premier League

Option 1: Scrap it

Declare the current (2019-20) season null-n-void with no title winners and relegation.

Option 2: Finish the season now

Declare Liverpool winners, three teams from the bottom of the table, Norwich City, Aston Villa and Bournemouth to be relegated. Manchester City, Leicester City and Chelsea are to be eligible for Champions League.

No title winners or relegation for the current season. This would make the top four team from Premier League in last season, to be eligible for Champions League

Option 3: Behind close doors

Play the remaining 92 games behind-closed-doors and with minimal backroom staff and media presence

Option 4: Quarantine camp

Play all the games that are selected few stadiums in the Midlands with players in lock-down actor hood local hotels to minimize contact and avoid spreading Coronavirus.

Option 5: Go abroad

Playing matches in Qatar (or even in China) could be an option.

Option 5: Extend indifferently

The current season of the Premier League to be extended indefinitely. As the next season due to start on August 8, the position will not be viable forever.

In case the league decide to continue, the players are to be tested frequently. The health system, however, is far better equipped to handle the volume of cases than the UK, making it less of a strain to test the estimated 240 people needed for each match to take place smoothly.

Option-1 and Option-5 should not get many backers. We hope Premier League to resume at some point and complete the season (Option-3 or Option-4 or combination of both), failing to do so perhaps Premier League have to trigger Option-2 at some point.

Bundesliga clubs are back in the training ground, which is a positive sign. On the other hand, League in Belgium was ended with Club Brugge crowned as title winner.