Napoli planning statues and museums to honour Diego Maradona


Argentine legend Diego Maradona passed away on the 25th of  November and Napoli have announced that they will build statues and museum to honour the memory of their former player.

Diego Maradona was a legend at Napoli during his playing days and he is adored in the city of Naples.

The Italian club recently named their stadium after the Argentine footballer and a train station in his honour as well.

The local authorities are now planning to dedicate an entire square to the World Cup winner.

The city is already filled with photographs and murals of Diego Maradona.

“We’re already working on a project to decorate the area in front of the mural in the Spanish Quarters with plants and benches,” said Luigi Felaco, the head of urban decor in Naples.

“The mural was painted by the artist Mauro Filardi in 1990 to celebrate Napoli’s second Serie A championship. We now intend to name the square in Maradona’s honour, given that hundreds of people have been flocking to the area every day since his death.”

The Argentine was instrumental in putting Napoli on the football map by winning Italian League titles against some of the legendary teams.

Furthermore, he made his mark in world football with a series of unforgettable displays in the 1986 World Cup as well.

The speculations surrounding his death have now been put to bed as well. Recently investigators found out after an autopsy that’s Diego Maradona did not consume any alcohol or drugs before he passed away and his death was attributed to natural reasons.