Court dismiss ‘Equal Pay Bid’ by US Women’s National Team

Court dismiss Equal Pay Bid by US Women's National Team
Court dismiss Equal Pay Bid by US Women's National Team

A federal judge in California has dismissed the US women’s national football team’s (USWNT) equal pay claim.

Last year, 28 players most from US women’s national football team’s (USWNT), filed a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation (USSF), alleging they were underpaid compared to men in the same sport.

Judge R. Gary Klausner summarily rejected the bid for $66m (£52.8m) in damages under the Equal Pay Act from the World Cup winners. The judge said the players haven’t ‘demonstrated a triable issue’ that they were paid less than US Men’s National Team (USMNT).

Klausner delivered the 32-page ruling on the per-game and total balance players on both sides between 2015 and 2019 – the women’s national team reportedly earned $24.5 million, while the men amassed $18.5 million, as ESPN reports.

However, the trial will still go ahead in their suit for damages under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, accusing the USSF of ‘denying them at least equal playing, training, and travel conditions; equal promotion of their games; equal support and development for their games; and other terms and conditions of employment equal’ to the men’s team.

Players have responded to the verdict, with Alex Morgan wrote: ‘Although disappointing to hear this news, this will not discourage us in our fight for equality.’

Megan Rapinoe tweeting:

We are shocked and disappointed with today’s decision, but we will not give up our hard work for equal pay. We are confident in our case and steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that girls and women who play this sport will not be valued as lesser just because of their gender.

We have learned that there are tremendous obstacles to change; we know that it takes bravery and courage and perseverance to stand up to them. We will appeal and press on. Words cannot express our gratitude to all who support us.

Molly Levinson, Players’ Spokesperson,

The men’s team released a statement supporting of the women’s team, accusing the USSF of using a ‘false narrative’.

We look forward to working with the women’s national team to chart a positive path forward to grow the game. We are committed to continuing that work to ensure our women’s national team remains the best in the world.

USSF Spokesperson

The trial date, originally set for June 16, has been postponed due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.