Premier League: The one match that can resolve Title

Premier League - The one match that can resolve Title
Premier League - The one match that can resolve Title

The Premier League is holding a discussion on how the remaining matches can be completed and how it can resolve many questions those are answered when all the clubs complete their respective matches.

Currently, there are discussions with themselves and Government, on how the remaining 92 matches can be played in neutral venues (8-10 number of stadiums), so that league can be concluded, without affecting the integrity of the Premier League.

Three prominent leagues in Europe have been cancelled with different outcomes. Whereas top flying league of France and Belgium concluded on the basis of latest standing, Netherlands declared Eredivisie null and void.

The Questions – Premier League to Answer

1. The Premier League Champion

2. Top four team – Which will qualify for UEFA Champions League

3. Fifth and Sixth Team – Which will qualify for UEFA Europa League

4. Three teams which would finish at the bottom of League Table – which will be relegated to EFL Championship

Premier League Table

2Manchester City28183757
3Leicester City29163053
5Manchester United29121445
6Wolverhampton Wanderers2910743
7Sheffield United2811543
8Tottenham Hotspur2911741
11Crystal Palace2910−639
13Newcastle United299−1635
15Brighton & Hove Albion296−829
16West Ham United297−1527
19Aston Villa287−2225
20Norwich City295−2721
Premier League Table 2019-20

The One Match – What it can answer

A single match, obviously cannot answer all four question that the Premier League answers, as and when it concludes.

But at this stage, when 92 of the Premier League matches are pending, one match can answer the very first question – The Title of Premier League.

Currently, Liverpool has a lead of 25 points from Manchester City, with nine matches still to be played. Though perhaps practically it would not be possible for Manchester team to touch the Reds this Season, mathematically there is still a possibility – that City can beat the Reds in some extraordinary combination of events. (the assumption is Liverpool are losing rest, and Manchester City are winning rest of the matches).

The match is Manchester City – home Match against Liverpool.

If Red win, the League table will look like this.

2Manchester City291857

And this would ensure, under no circumstances, Manchester City can finish ahead of Liverpool, as even if City go on to win rest of their Premier League matches, they will finish this season with 84 points. This is still behind Liverpool if they win away against Manchester City this Season.