FIFA to allow 26-man squads and 5 substitutions in 2022 Qatar World Cup                        

Al Janoub Stadium Tour - FIFA World Cup
Al Janoub Stadium Tour - FIFA World Cup

FIFA have decided to expand 23-man squads for participating countries,to 26-man squads for the first time in 2022 Qatar World Cup. Adding three players to a typical World Cup squads, would follow what UEFA did for the European Championship last year.

Therefore, the team will send a total of 96 extra players to the World Cup that will happen from Nov. 21 to Dec. 18. of 2022. Qualified teams can also now use five substitutes in the regular 90 minutes, instead of three.

Adding three more players help the coaches of the 32 teams cope with possible outbreaks of virus cases. The idea also benefitted everyone, for they will all follow health protocols within the camp in Qatar rather than be brought from their home country.

Most of the players are likely to come from European clubs. Since this would be the first World Cup to be held during the winter in northern hemisphere, domestic seasons are being paused by Nov. 13, 2022.

The preparation time before the tournament kicks off is reduced to 1 week instead of 2 weeks. 

According to NBC, FIFA has created a $209 million fund from its World Cup revenues to make amends to clubs with a daily rate of around a thousand dollars for those respective players to national-team duty.