Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has warned Robert Lewandowski about his exit statement

Robert Lewandowski-Bayern Munich

Oliver Kahn is not impressed with the prolific striker Robert Lewandowski after his public statement that he wants to leave Bayern Munich despite that his contract running until 2023. The CEO believes that kind of statement leads him nowhere. 

Following Metro, Kahn said, “I can’t tell you why Robert chose this way of communicating his situation,” the Bayern CEO told Sport 1. “Public statements like that don’t get you anywhere.”

“Robert should remember what he has at Bayern. He has become one of the best footballers in the world here.”

Robert Lewandowski’s exit statement

The Bayern striker, at a press conference ahead of Poland’s upcoming UEFA Nations League matches, Lewandowski said: “I would like to say at the beginning that I don’t want to continue talking about this situation, the club situation.”

“So what we know for sure at the moment is that my era in Bayern Munich is over.

“I don’t see any possibility to continue my career in this club, based on what we could see in the last couple of weeks.

“Bayern are a serious club, so I hope they won’t keep me just because they can.

“I don’t want to go any further at the moment. I would like to focus on the national team and the matches that we are going to play, and maybe after the national team camp we will have more time to say more about the situation. But for now I would like to end like this.”

It looks like the Polish Player strongly wants a change, especially since the big clubs are having an interest in him too.