Cristiano Ronaldo named football’s GOAT ahead of Messi, Pele

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi
Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Oxford Mathematician Dr Tom Crawford has used a unique algorithm to claim that Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time.

Dr Tom Crawford, a mathematician from Oxford University, has devised a new algorithm to claim that Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time.

Comparing the top footballers of different eras, Crawford’s algorithm is based on seven following criteria.

1. Honours (domestic and European) won at club level weighted by the UEFA coefficient for relative strength of the competition 

2. Honours won at international level – 150 points for a World Cup, 100 for European Championship or Copa America with extras for Golden Boot wins

3. Goals scored at club level

4. Goals scored at international level

5. Votes received in the Ballon d’Or – number of votes awarded to the Ballon d’Or winner divided by the total number of votes awarded to the top three players. This was then multiplied by 100 to give a percentage.

6. Individual records held – for example, top goalscorer for a club or nation, or top scorer in a competition.

7. ‘Z-Factor’ seasons or ‘campaigns that are mathematically outstanding’ where a player’s goals guided their team to glory.

Ronaldo has managed to finish ahead of Lionel Messi with 537 cumulative points, thus becoming the greatest player of all time in Crawford’s view.

Although Messi topped the rounds such as Z-factor, Ronaldo had the edge in different sections like individual records, international goals.

The Portuguese ace has been recently crowned as the topmost goal scorer at the international level, breaking Iranian legend Ali Daei’s record.

The 36-year-old is now poised to make his debut for Manchester United, who will play Newcastle United this weekend.