Inter and AC Milan To Tear Down The Iconic San Siro

Inter and AC Milan To Tear Down The Iconic San Siro
Inter and AC Milan To Tear Down The Iconic San Siro

The Italian heritage authority have approved tear down of the iconic San Siro stadium, the home of Inter and AC Milan.

San Siro has been the home of both Milan-based Serie A giants since 1947, but It has been decided to construct a new stadium on the site of San Siro. Both the club have agreed to build a new stadium with 60000 seats on the same plot of land.

Although the heritage authority giving the green light doesn’t mean the demolition is confirmed, it is a huge step forward.

The new stadium is is set to be the launchpad for a £1.1 billion real estate plan in the local district.

Despite a huge sentiment attached to the stadium, it has been ruled as having ‘no cultural significance’ considering the numerous renovations it has gone under.

The plans for the new stadium construction was announced in May. Serie A giants released a statement on this regard.

The two new proposals are the result of a constructive dialogue with the Municipality and have been developed in accordance with the 16 conditions provided by the Municipality and the City Council in November 2019.

The new concepts designed by Populous and Manica/Sportium provide for the retention of a part of the current Giuseppe Meazza Stadium within a new retail and sports district that can be used 365 days a year, including about 106,000 square metres of green space (nearly double the current 56,000 square metres of green space on the current site).

It will be a hub dedicated to retail, sports, cultural and leisure activities both outdoors and indoors, including a running track, a cycle path, an outdoor gym, a skateboard park, a five-a-side pitch and sports museum: most of the sports services will be available free of charge to the Milanese and citizens of the surrounding areas.

Both concepts would deliver an innovative district dedicated to the next generation, cutting edge for its low environmental impact and high sustainability, creating a new meeting place for social and recreational activities in the neighbourhood.

FC Internazionale Milano and AC Milan believe it is essential, especially in light of the current moment, to commence a project that represents more than one billion euros of private investment, which will generate thousands of new jobs and serve as a cornerstone for the future development of the city of Milan and Italian football.

While the new stadium is likely to be an outstanding spectacle, it difficult to digest that either of Inter or AC Milan are playing home-match somewhere other than San Siro.