Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo stuck in Maderia

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo stuck in Maderia

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Turin from Madeira, has been delayed until Monday afternoon due to travel restrictions in Spain.

Juventus called all players to head back to Turin, after the Italian government gave the green signal for Serie A teams to restart training. However TVI have reported that the Portuguese superstar is stuck home in Madeira as his £30 million private jet is currently held in Madrid. The logistical headache should be resolved on Monday and Ronaldo is expected to land in Italy during early evening. 

His plane has attempted to take off on three occasions, but due to Spanish travel restrictions, it cannot leave the city to go and pick Ronaldo up to take him back to Italy. Ronaldo owns a £30million G650 Gulfstream jet that is regarded as the highest quality private plane money can buy. It can carry 18 passengers and reaches a top speed of 610mph. 

On Sunday, he wished his mother a happy Mother’s Day and splashed out on new Mercedes for her as a gift. He has been regularly posting photos, updating fans with his life during lockdown and sharing snaps of his training in isolation, along with pictures of his family. 

Government Permission for Serie A

The Italian government gave permission for teams to return back to training after a number of Serie A sides announced their intentions to get back together on Monday.

Sassuolo were the first top-flight club to confirm a return to training before Bologna, Parma and Roma followed suit.

The government had originally decreed that athletes in team sports were different from those involved in individual disciplines, such as tennis or athletics, even if their training exercises were identical. This meant the public could go for a run in local parks from Monday next week but team sports remained banned until May 18.

The Serie A clubs and the Italian players’ association successfully argued that it is safer to train inside a training ground where social distancing can be guaranteed rather than in a local park.

Once Ronaldo arrives back in Italy, he will be required to stay in isolation for another 14 days. All players staying in Italy will be able to immediately return to training while those who are travelling in like Ronaldo will have to wait a further two weeks once they return to the country before they can take part.