Neymar on the brink of seven-match suspension after red card incident against Marseille

Neymar could be served with seven-match suspension in the aftermath of the red card incident against Marseille on Sunday.

Neymar-PSG-Paris Saint-Germain-Ligue 1

The Brazilain accuses Marseille’s Alvaro Gonzalez over racism claims.

Neymar could be forced to sit out seven-matches in the aftermath of the red card incident against Marseille on Sunday.

According to reports, the PSG ace could face suspension for around seven games while Marseille’s Alvaro Gonzalez could be out for ten games, who has been accused over racism claims by the former.

Neymar was sent off in the eleventh hour in the derby after he was spotted slapping Alvaro Gonzalez in the head. However, prior to the incident, the Brazilian insisted that Gonzalez made racism claims against him.

Both players were involved in a heated exchange on Twitter, with Neymar persistent on his claims while Gonzalez has denied such things.

The report also adds that LFP, the governing body of football in France, would look into the incident and both the parties could be handed the suspension in the aftermath.

‘An aggressive action committed outside of a game set and without causing injury to the opponent can lead to the suspension of seven games’.

However, if the reason for the dismissal is an attempted assault, he could face a ban of up to six games.’ 

Gonzalez could suffer a ban up to ten games should he be found guilty of the racism remarks.

While Marseille manager Andre Villas-Boas denied such claims, PSG are in full support of Neymar.

A statement from PSG’s official website read:

“The club restates that there is no place for racism in society, in football or our lives and calls on everyone to speak out against all forms of racism throughout the world.

“For more than 15 years the club has been strongly committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination alongside its partners SOS Racisme, Licra and Sportitude.

“Paris Saint-Germain looks forward to the LFP’s Disciplinary Commission to investigate and ascertain the facts, and the club remains at the LFP’s disposal for any assistance required.”