Guardiola: Bayern Munich… WTF!! Did he have a Freudian slip?

Pep Guadiola slips during Press, talked about Bayern Munich
Pep Guadiola slips during Press, talked about Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola momentarily thought he was Bayern Munich’s boss once again in a funny moment during his post-match press conference on Tuesday night.

Following Manchester City’s convincing 4-1 win at Burnley, the City boss swore and slapped his head during a funny conversation as he mistakenly referred to his current club as the Munich giants.

Pep Guardiola is fondly remembered in Munich. He has remained a friend with the club, he still owns an apartment in Munich, and of course, he has been one of the top targets for Bayern Munich’s newly vacant head coaching position… And Pep knows it!

In fact, Bayern is apparently so much on his mind lately that Guardiola forgot in the middle of a Manchester City press conference that he was coaching City, not Bayern Munich.

Watch him during press conference…

Pep was waxing lyrical about Spanish midfielder Rodri’s performance, his best since his £62million arrival from Atletico Madrid in the summer, as he netted City’s third with a thunderous strike.

“It was outstanding the way [Rodri] played,” Guardiola said.

“Not just with the ball. He was so smart moving right to left. That’s why the reception for the players up front was more comfortable and quicker.

“He was in the right moment for the transitions. Always he helped us. He’s adjusted, and I think he is suited ideally for this league, honestly.

“I think Bayern Munich… Bayern Munich? What the f**k? I don’t know what I thought!

“I think Man City bought an incredible player for the next years.”

And the media were left chuckling after the Pep’s slip of the tongue when he made this goof up and was still talking about Rodri.