Jurgen Klopp explains “secret sauce” behind Liverpool success

Newcastle 1-3 Liverpool Reds finished season with 99 points

The German manager has pointed out the factors that could help Liverpool to be successful this season.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that trust and investment amid difficult situations could help his side to be successful in the on-going season.

The Reds have been hit a handful of injuries of late however they continue to yield results, most recently the 3-0 emphatic win against Leicester City.

Following the win, the German boss has extensively written about the keys to success on the club’s official website.

“I mention that we are all about the collective here and I think our performance against Leicester demonstrated that.

“That wasn’t just a win for the players who got game minutes. It was a win for the players who helped us prepare also and were ready if called upon to step up.

Klopp also added that the trust between each player in the squad could help the Reds battle out the odds even in the adverse situations.

“I have complete faith in our group, from the most experienced player through to our youngest. Our performances so far, in the face of adversity, shows me these boys believe in what we do but more importantly they believe in each other. They trust each other. They are invested in each other. That can be our ‘secret sauce’.

“It is clear nothing is going to change externally to make this more tolerable for the athletes. But they have us to help and support and they have each other for inspiration.”

The Reds will host Atalanta in Wednesday’s Champions League fixture, having previously won the away leg 5-0.