Mason Greenwood – former players praised United player

Mason Greenwood - former players praised United player
Mason Greenwood - former players praised United player

Manchester United youngster Mason Greenwood has been in fantastic form this season.

The striker has been a revelation ever since he was given a first-team chance by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Greenwood is not just a good goal scorer. His overall play has been quite impressive as well. 

Former Premier League players and Manchester United legends have now heaped praise on the youngster for his performances this season.

It will be interesting to see if he can finish the season strongly and then make a big impact next season.

The talent is clearly there and Greenwood seems quite mature for a player of his age as well. If he is coached properly, he could turn into a star for Manchester United. 

Recently, Denis Irwin claimed that the youngster reminds him of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from his playing days. 

He said: “Ole was brilliant, he was a fantastic goal scorer, and a bit like Mason a lot of his shots were drilled along the ground, making it really difficult for keepers. You saw Mason’s goal there [vs Brighton] the majority of them are along the ground, really difficult for the keeper to get down and particularly when he’s coming in from that angle, the keepers don’t know if he’s going to go across him or go near post. But certainly facing Ole you knew he had the capability, if you gave him a little bit of an area between your legs he would, what you see with Mason during the week, he was fantastic at it.”

The Manchester United manager also lavished praise on the young striker after his display against Bournemouth. 

Solskjaer added of Greenwood: “[He’s a] great talent, great finisher and he’s learning more and more, growing more and more, [making] better and better decisions on and off the pitch. He’s an exceptional finisher, he can score right foot, left foot. If he can learn how to head a ball he’ll be the complete striker.”

Greenwood’s teammate Marcus Rashford seems delighted with the player’s development as well. 

“He’s a fantastic player. I’ve watched him before he got to the first-team. It was never a matter of if he was going to play with us, it was just when. When can we get him involved? Ole has done a terrific job with him,” Rashford said.

Meanwhile, Alan Shearer also said that the youngster reminds him of his former self. 

He said : “He can hit it with his left and hit it with his right equally well and there’s no-nonsense, he just wants to shoot. He actually reminds me of what I used to do, shifting the ball on to the right foot before getting as much power as possible behind the shot. If he keeps going at this rate, he could emerge as a world star in the coming years.”

Former Premier League player Jamie Redknapp thinks Mason Greenwood could be England’s next wonder kid. 

He said: “A couple of years ago I spoke to Nicky Butt, who is now United’s head of first-team development, and I asked him whether they had any promising kids coming through. He said: ‘Wait for this kid, Mason Greenwood.’ We waited, and now we’re seeing what he can do. Full credit to the boy, too. To be tipped as a special talent is one thing. To go and prove it in the Premier League is another. He refuses to be daunted, and the way he can use both feet is serving him well. Right now, he’s being used on the right by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Personally, I see his future as a No 9. But Greenwood won’t care where he is playing.”