Premier League’s most expensive squads ranked, totalling £6 billion

Championship playoffs for Premier League qualification

Earlier this week, the Premier League clubs announced their 25 man squad for the League games and the players listed have cost the clubs a combined total of around £6 billion in transfer fees.

It is no surprise that Manchester City have the most expensive squad in the Premier League. The Premier League side spent around £810 million to assemble their star-studded squad.

In the second place, Manchester United have spent £628 million pounds to assemble their side.

The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton complete the top 6 and Tottenham are just three million shy of Everton’s squad valuation.

Considering the amount of money they have spent on players Manchester United and Chelsea will be expected to perform at a higher level this season and it will be interesting to see if the likes of Lampard and Solskjaer can deliver on the pitch.

Meanwhile, Everton have spent more than the likes of Tottenham, Wolves, Aston Villa and Leicester City. They have made an impressive start to the season and they will be expected to challenge for European qualification after the kind of outlay they have had.

Newly promoted side Leeds United are 17th placed in the most expensive squads list having spent just £120 million to assemble their squad.

Burnley have the cheapest quote in the League having spent just £82 million on their signings.

Full cost of each 25-man squad in the Premier League

Manchester City – £810,870,000

Manchester United – £628,130,000

Chelsea – £577,100,000

Arsenal – £454,800,000

Liverpool – £454,250,000

Everton – £388,050,000

Tottenham Hotspur – £385,300,000

Leicester City – £317,450,000

Wolverhamton Wanderers – £241,980,000

Aston Villa – £229,350,000

West Ham United – £218,500,000

Newcastle United – £198,100,000

Southampton – £170,550,000

Brighton & Hove Albion – £159,100,000

Crystal Palace – £149,860,000

Sheffield United – £120,700,000

Leeds United – £120,300,000

West Bromwich Albion – £97,700,000

Fulham – £94,350,000

Burnley – £82,600,000