Sarri: Messi with one more Ballon d’Or than Ronaldo is ‘annoying’

Sarri - Messi with one more Ballon d’Or than Ronaldo is 'annoying'

Maurizio Sarri, who became the Juventus manager this session, has critical time to defend the Serie-A title this time. Serie-A has become a three-horse race, where Inter and Lazio are challenging the current champion.

The former Chelsea manager needs to confront critics of his style of game, and maintain his team’s balance. That’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not feature in Juventus’s 4-0 cup win over Udinese on Wednesday but still got plenty of airtime in Sarri’s post-match press conference.

Sarri went to great lengths to describe the details of Ronaldo’s sinus problem, which made CR7 stay away from the field. The Portuguese 34-year-old is in supreme form and has nine goals in his last six games.

“I would like to help Cristiano win the sixth Ballon d’Or first…

It’s really annoying thinking that someone won more [Ballons d’Or] than him. I think about him and I think helping him, it is my goal and the goal of the team. It is right for him.”

Sarri on Ronaldo

The manager went on to take a shot at Lionel Messi on his player’s behalf, seemingly at random. He had to praised Dybala. “Dybala is a top player. As every top player when they are becoming confident and having the right age, they are playing like a top player.”

Paulo Dybala, who has a superlative performance against Udinese, was named as one of the top contenders in Ballon d’Or. “I don’t think a manager can teach something to a top player. Dybala is going to leave a mark in world and European football in the next years. He has got the right age to leave a mark and he’s still got many years of his career. He is really confident in this moment after a few difficulties in the past.”- Sarri added.

What’s Sarri is doing? Juventus have just beaten a Serie A opponent, and Paulo Dybala got his time under the spotlight without sharing it with CR7 for once. Sarri ensured that his main man should not be overlooked even once.