Sir Alex Ferguson and Luis Suarez congratulated Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson and Luis Suarez congratulated Liverpool
Sir Alex Ferguson and Luis Suarez congratulated Liverpool

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has congratulated former Liverpool star Sir Kenny Dalglish after the Reds’ title win.

During his time at Old Trafford, Ferguson was a fierce competitor but he has shown grace after the Reds ended their 30-year wait for the title.

Dalglish confirmed that the former United boss has sent him a text message and hailed his magnanimity. 

He said: “He has contacted us to say congratulations by the modern medium. You go through the older generation, Fergie at Man United, Brian Kidd, Mike Summerbee, all the old foes who went through football at the same time and at the end of the year you sent a letter of congratulations. That continues. It is a great compliment. You are in competition and you are rivals but to have the intelligence so you are magnanimous enough to send in a letter saying congratulations. These days it has gone more technical, you get your texts or emails off the people who you have been competing with all your life. They wish it was themselves who won it but they are proud to pay homage to other people.”

Sir Alex Ferguson was crucial to Manchester United’s rise as a super club and he helped them win numerous titles during his reign as the manager. Without him, Manchester United would have struggled to overtake Liverpool as England’s most successful club domestically. 

Meanwhile, former Liverpool player Luis Suarez has also congratulated his former teammates on winning the trophy. 

The Barcelona forward sent out his message through a video call. 

He said: “Jordan and all the other Liverpool players – I am so happy for you and your family, and for the people working in Liverpool and the Liverpool fans. I hope you enjoy this time because it’s amazing for the Liverpool supporters. You are the champion!”