This is how – Jose Mourinho to improve his squad

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Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he will look to improve his squad in the summer.

The Portuguese admitted that there would be some changes to the side for the next season. He also assured the fans that the upcoming season would be better than this one.

That said, Mourinho was clear about the fact that Spurs won’t be spending vast sums of money on new players. 

Perhaps a couple of additions would be enough for him this summer.

It will be interesting to see how Spurs strengthen their side and bounce back next season. They have been quite poor this year, and they are likely to miss out on European football.

The biggest challenge for them this summer will be to hold on to their best players. Top players usually look to move on without Champions league football.

Mourinho cited Jurgen Klopp’s example at Liverpool and claimed that the German needed four years to build a title-winning side and he deserves time as well.

Speaking to BBC, he said: “I work for the club. I’m not thinking about myself. I keep saying that my ambition is the same, my DNA is the same, but probably I am in the stage where I look less to myself and my records, and I look more to the club.

“I am optimistic because I start working from day one. Because I believe we are going to make some changes in our squad, and for that, we don’t need a massive investment like the club made in the past summer.

“I cannot believe that the season is going to be so full of negative episodes like we’ve had since practically day one. There are many reasons to believe that it is going to be different.”