Rijeka 1-2 Napoli: Napoli handed win after Braut own goal


Napoli have edged out Rijeka in their Europa League encounter.

Napoli have scraped out a 2-1 win against Rijeka as the own goal from Filip Braut in the second half made the difference.

The hosts put early pressure on Napoli after catching the Italians out with their blistering pace on the counter.

As a result, Alex Meret was forced into a stunning save from Rijeka’s Luka Menalo. However, the Croatians got their reward after Robert Muric’s goal in the 13th minute.

Napoli got their equaliser right before the half time when Diego Demme slotted the ball into the nets after a low cross from Dries Mertens.

The Croatian outfit couldn’t have dreamt of such a horrible end as they gifted Napoli the lead after an own goal from Filip Braut. Politano’s header hit the thighs of Braut inadvertently before rolling to the nets.

Napoli would anyhow take the win as it has sent them to second in the group.

Gennaro Gattuso’s men are still far from their best in the Europa League. The way they have dominated Serie A this season begs the question over their narrow wins in European competitions.

Gattuso has also expressed his dismay over the result, saying that he got angrier for his side not living up to the plans.

Gattuso said, “I’m going to pop a blood vessel one of these days! It’s not good enough. We had prepared this game well, the team knew what kind of side we were facing, and that is what makes me angry.”

“Evidently it’s my fault for again not managing to get into the heads of my players and not getting them to concentrate for 90 minutes.”