Copa America 2021: Groups/Teams, Fixtures, Dates/Times and Stadiums

Daniel Alves best player of Copa America 2019-after Brazil vs Peru final
Daniel Alves best player of Copa America 2019-after Brazil vs Peru final | Photo Credit: IMAGO

The rescheduled CONMEBOL Copa America will finally begin in Brazil on June 14 with 10 South American teams competing for the prize.

Copa America 2021-Group and Teams

1Group ABrazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
2Group BArgentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

Copa America 2021 Format 

This year’s Copa America format sees the countries grouped into two. After the first round of matches, the top four teams from each group will progress to the next round.

The round of eight will be a knock-out style with the four winners qualifying for the semi-final. Two winners who emerge from the semi-finals will then play the final scheduled for July 10. 

Copa America 2021 – Stadiums/Locations

Five stadiums in four different cities of Brazil will host the Copa America 2021. The fans will not be allowed inside the stadiums. 

  • Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janiero
  • Estadio Nilson Santos Stadium, Rio de Janiero
  • Estadio Olimpico Stadium, Goiania
  • Arena Pantanal Stadium, Cuiaba
  • The Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha Stadium, Brasilia.

Copa America 2021-Fixture Schedule and Stadium

1June 13Group ABrazil vs VenezuelaMane Garrincha5 PM
2June 13Group AColombia vs EcuadorArena Pantanal8 pm
3June 14Group BArgentina vs ChileNilton Santos5 PM
4June 14 Group BParaguay vs BoliviaOlimpico 5 PM
5June 17Group AColombia vs VenezuelaOlimpico5 PM
6June 17Group APeru vs Brazil Nilton Santos8 PM
7June 18Group BChile vs BoliviaArena Pantanal5 PM
8June 18Group BArgentina vs UruguayMane Garrincha 8 PM
9June 20Group AVenezuela vs EcuadorNilton Santos5 PM
10June 20Group A Colombia vs PeruOlimpico8 PM
11June 21Group BUruguay vs ChileArena Pantanal 5 PM
12June 21Group BArgentina vs Paraguay Mane Garrincha8 PM
13June 23Group AEcuador vs PeruOlimpico5 PM
14June 23Group AColombia vs BrazilNilton Santos8 PM
15June 24Group BBolivia s UruguayArena Pantanal5 PM
16 June 24Group BChile vs ParaguayMane Garrincha8 PM
17June 27Group ABrazil vs EcuadorOlimpico5 PM
18June 27Group AVenezuela vs PeruMane Garrincha5 PM
19June 28Group BUruguay vs Paraguay Nilton Santos8 pm
20June 28Group BBolivia vs ArgentinaArena Pantanal8 pm


21July 2Group B Runner-up vs Group A 3rdOlimpico5 PM
22July 2Group B winner vs Group A 4thNilton Santos8 PM
23July 3Group A Runner-up vs Group B 3rdMane Garrincha6 PM
24July 3Group A winner vs Group B 4th Olimpico9 PM


25July 5Winner Match 22 vs Winner Match 21Nilton Santos7 PM
26July 6Winner Match 24 vs Winner Match 23Mane Garrincha9 PM


27July 9Loser Match 26 vs Loser Match 25Mane Garrincha8 PM


28July 10 Winner match 26 vs Winner Match 25Maracana 8 PM