Dennis Bergkamp reveals Wenger’s error that caused Arsenal’s decline

Dennis Bergkamp reveals Wenger's error that caused Arsenal’s decline

Former Arsenal star Dennis Bergkamp has revealed why Arsene Wenger struggled after their move to The Emirates. 

Arsenal regressed considerably after the move and they failed to challenge for trophies consistently. 

Bergkamp believes that Wenger’s desire to experiment with his tactics cost the team. 

Arsenal flourished in their 4-4-2 setup under Wenger but the Frenchman changed his setup drastically. He tried to incorporate more passing and the forwards were left isolated. 

According to the Dutchman, Wenger shifted his focus on the midfield and left his attack weakened. 

He said: “Arsene started experimenting. Arsenal after 2006, there was too much midfield play. There were no players going into attack, and only one striker who was lonely.”

At one point, Arsenal had the likes of Henry, Reyes and Bergkamp leading their attack.

After the relocation, they were left with the likes of Van Persie, Chamakh etc. Although Van Persie was a top class player, he was often left isolated with too much to do. 

Arsenal were more interested in putting together a creative midfield and they concentrated on technical football. 

The likes of Fabregas, Diaby, Nasri, Rosicky were all excellent players in their own right but Arsenal missed cutting edge upfront. 

Wenger needed more depth and quality in his front three. 

Arsenal won 11 major honours during Wenger’s first decade in England but he failed to deliver after that and towards the end of his tenure, he started losing the trust of the fans as well.