Jose Mourinho owns Lloris and Son “Beautiful” bust-up

Jose Mourinho finds Lloris and Son bust-up Beautiful
Jose Mourinho finds Lloris and Son bust-up Beautiful

Jose Mourinho is one manager who is most of the time projected as over-critical to his own players and was criticised for his calling out his players for making a mistake.

Mourinho does not believe in big names but need people who can execute his defensive gameplay on the field.

Last match, which Tottenham lost to Sheffield United 1-3, must have been very tough for the maverick coach who had previously managed Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United. He always has leaders in his players, who backed him up.

Harry Kane had always adaptive to Mourinho’s defensive formation, but Jose Mourinho must be very happy when he saw something “beautiful” that happened on the field.

Hugo Lloris came running and was seen as telling something to Son Heung-min in. Tottenham players came in between the forward and goal-keeper who were seen fighting.

This perhaps happened as Spurs and Lloris believed that Son did not supported defensive cause when they lost to Sheffield few days back. What irked Lloris that Son very softly allowed a Everton players to get pass through him and then gave up. Harry Kane who was near by , was seen to chase the ball to Spurs penalty area.

The move culminated with an attempt by Richarlison which move past the right post, but it had all the potential to level the score. This got Lloris furious and did not mind to confront Spurs left winger when he got the chance during the break.

When asked about the incident Jose Mourinho termed the bust-up as “beautiful”, and reveals his talk with Tottenham players might be reason for the confrontation. In his opinion, it showed that his players care about team performance.

Probably [its] is consequence of our meetings, probably if you want to blame somebody for that [its] is me, because I was critical of my boys because they are not, in my opinion, enough critical to themselves, with each other.

I asked him to be more demanding. I asked him to demand more from others. I asked him to put the colleagues, and that pressure of depth in spirit that you have to give everything for everybody, and was a situation in the end of the first half – an amazing kids that everybody loves like like Sony, a teen boy. But in that situation.

The captain thought [during] last minute of the first half. You have to do more for the team you have to give us a different effort than you gave – a couple of bad words I don’t even know if there was any push or No, but I think is something very important for the team to grow up, because as a team to grow up, you need to demand from each other, you need to be to be strong personalities.

And I’m, I was really pleased so at halftime I told him when you had these, these reactions. No doubt, I have no doubt that in, in the second half, you’re going to stick together and do well.

Jose Mourinho on Lloris and Son confrontation and his discussion with Spurs captain

With the win today, Mourinho became fifth manager in Premier League’s history to win 200 or more matches. Only Sir Alex Ferguson took lesser number of matches to reach the feat than Jose.

Managers# Premier League Wins
Sir Alex Ferguson528
Arsene Wenger476
Harry Redknapp236
David Moyes207
Jose Mourinho200