Lampard’s tirade towards the Liverpool coaching staff including Klopp

Lampard's tirade towards the Liverpool coaching staff including Klopp

Chelsea crashed to a 5-3 defeat against Liverpool in the Premier League earlier in the week.

Goals from Naby Keita, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Roberto Firmino, Gini Wijnaldum and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sealed a fantastic win for the Reds on the night they were handed the Premier League trophy.

However, the match was stained with Frank Lampard’s surprising tirade towards the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp after the home side were awarded a foul near the Chelsea box.

Kovacic had brought down Sadio Mane with a lunging tackle and although it didn’t seem like a foul initially, closer inspection showed that Kovacic had rolled Mane’s ankle.

Liverpool scored from the freekick and Lampard wasn’t too happy.

After the game, he even launched an attack at the club officials for being arrogant after winning the Premier League title.

As per reports, Lampard initiated a foul mouthed tirade on the touchline after the foul was awarded. 

“That’s not a f*cking foul! I’m not asking you! Shut up. F*ck off you as well!” – The Chelsea manager was seen saying to the Liverpool bench and Klopp.

In response, the Liverpool managed seemed calm and composed. He urged the Chelsea boss to calm down. 

Regardless of what might have provoked Lampard, his behavior was not befitting of someone who is the manager of a club like Chelsea. 

Furthermore, his message to the Liverpool bench for celebrating disrespectfully was surprising as well. Lampard led a similar celebration with Derby County last year after his side beat Leeds United in the Championship playoffs.