Manchester City to offer a new contract to star striker Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero-Manchester City-Premier League

Manchester City could look to offer a new contract to star striker Sergio Aguero.

According to the club’s chairman Khaldoon, the final decision will rest with the Argentine striker on whether he wants to renew his contract with the Premier League giants.

Khaldoon said: “To have a player like David essentially commit 10 years of his life to the club, to have a player like Sergio Aguero to do the same. This is what tells me we have it right. They are part of the DNA of the club now and the decision of them to continuing or stopping, it’s the comfort zone that they have to decide. It was the same way with Vincent [Kompany, who left in 2019]. He left when he felt it was right for him to leave and the same thing with David. Sergio is going to be the same and we will work it out together and it will be very natural, wherever that is, this year or the year after. It will play out in a comfortable way, whatever Sergio decides.”

Aguero will be a free agent next summer and it will be interesting to see what he decides.

Previously the striker claimed that he will stay at Manchester City until they win the Champions League.

Manchester City had a great chance of winning the Champions League this past season but they crashed out of the competition after a poor performance against Lyon.

Pep Guardiola has a fantastic squad at his disposal and City will certainly be one of the favourites to win the Champions League in the coming seasons as well. They should look to convince Aguero to continue at the club beyond this coming season.

Aguero is a world-class goal scorer and City will be a better team with him.

City are still struggling to replace Vincent Kompany and it will be interesting to see how they fill the void left by David Silva. Losing Sergio Aguero next summer would certainly be a major blow for them.

Although Manchester City have a quality striker in Gabriel Jesus, the Brazilian is not quite ready to replace someone like Sergio Aguero just yet.

The Argentine striker was crucial to Manchester City’s iconic title win under Roberto Mancini and he’s the one that helped start the revolution at Etihad.

There is no doubt that Aguero is a Manchester City legend and the Premier League club should do everything in their power to convince him to stay.