Mark Clattenburg reveals an altercation with Mourinho that led him to quit Premier League

Jose Mourinho-Tottenham Hotspur

The former English top-flight referee spoke about an infamous incident with Jose Mourinho.

English referee Mark Clattenburg has revealed an infamous incident with Jose Mourinho years ago that led him to quit the Premier League.

Clattenburg, who served as an official in the Premier League between 2004 and 2017, has overseen big games like the 2016 Champions League final and Euro 2016 final in his career.

However, he has revealed that a furious row with Jose Mourinho – who was in charge of Manchester United – led him to walk away from the English top flight.

The experienced official said he had completely lost it with the Portuguese manager after the 1-1 draw between Man Utd and Stoke City.

Clattenburg said: “It was Stoke versus Manchester United on January 21 2017. Wayne Rooney had broken Sir Bobby Charlton’s Manchester United scoring record with a late free-kick for a 1-1 draw. It was not long after full-time when there was a knock at my dressing room door and United manager Jose Mourinho came in. I was just taking my boots off.

‘You must be happy this time,’ I said. ‘You can’t blame me for that draw, can you?’

‘I can,’ he said.

He started going on about a handball in the penalty area by Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross.

‘What you on about?’ I said. ‘I got that right, I know I did.’

No. I’ve seen the video. You were wrong.’

He was going on and on. Shut up man, will you?

I picked up my boot and launched it against the wall next to him.

‘F***ing get out of my dressing room. Get out!’

Mourinho froze. I lost it with him. I did not give a s*** anymore.

He did not know what to say. I was so fed up with all of the ridiculous mind games.

I drove home while going over and over the Shawcross incident. I watched it on Match of the Day and I was right, the ball hit him flush on the chest. So why was Mourinho playing funny buggers with me?

I went to bed that night and I knew I’d had enough. ‘You know what,’ I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered with idiots like that anymore.