Newcastle United to follow Bundesliga club’s transfer strategy

Newcastle United FC

Premier League club Newcastle United have created huge expectations after undergoing a £305m takeover by Saudi Arabian Consortium PIF – who are the richest owners in football at the moment.

The new owners of the Magpies are aiming to be on par with Europe’s elite clubs in a few years.

Many are speculating that their transfer strategy could be similar to the likes of Manchester City and PSG – splurging the money on marquee signings.

However, according to Express Sport via Sportbible, the Magpies want to bank on young talents and smarter transfers rather than the high-profile stars.

Specifically, Newcastle want to follow the transfer model of Bundesliga club RB Leipzig.

Despite being only 12 years old, Leipzig have become one of the forces to reckon with in Europe in recent times thanks to mastermind Ralf Ragnick, who laid out the platform for the success.

It has also been reported that Rangnick is a top contender for the manager job at Newcastle.

The report read: “This kind of scenario – where a club that is usually as quiet as a mouse in the transfer market – suddenly has loads of cash, is like a lottery for agents, honestly.

“Newcastle has always been a prestigious and historic club in English football, very highly regarded in European countries but the project is now so fascinating. Whether you agree with the ethics or not.

“From what I hear and know, Newcastle do not want to just throw all their money at big names. They have a strategy and plan to sign younger, talented players and invest smartly in some experience. I think that’s clever.

“They want a model and similar infrastructure to RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, which is why Rangnick is the guy they want at the top, he knows his stuff. “