Quotes from Mourinho, The Special One during Spurs press conference


Jose Mourinho appeared to be a new man, during the press conference as Tottenham Hotspur manager. Though this was his second day in office, but it seems working as ‘pundit’, has really had all necessary lessons.

Perhaps there will be lots of discussion around what he said today, but the answers were all straight-forward but measured.

Excerpt from Mourinho Press Conference

I have to congratulate him for the work he did… this club will be always his home. This training grounds will be all his training ground. You can come when you want. 

on Mauricio Pochettino

I’m a bit disappointed that you are happy – I thought you’d like to keep me at Sky, but that’s okay. We are friends… I enjoy what I did, but this is my life. And this is where I belong…

To Media

The potential of the club is huge, the potential of the players is great. I’m so happy… I came here because the vision that Mr Levy, put in front of me about his club and the quality of the squad 

on Tottenham Hotspur

I don’t, I don’t need players. I don’t need players I’m so happy with the players I have. I just need time to understand them better 

On Requirement of new player/s

I need to go through stability. I need to trust the base and the basics. The work that was done before. And they were in hands of a good manager they were in hands of a good coaching staff. 

On Changes in Tottenham Hotspur

These 11 months is not waste of time, these months… to think, to analyze, to rethink, to prepare, to anticipate things. And I think you never lose your DNA, you never lose your identity for the bad things

On the Gap of eleven months in between

I also made mistakes. And I’m not going to make the same mistakes. I’m going to make new mistakes. Not the same mistakes…

on Mistakes in the past

I think, they have to see me as Mr inter. Mr. Real Madrid. Mr Porto. They have to see me as Mr Club… I’m not Chelsea, I’m not united, I’m not Real Madrid. I am all of them.

On How Mr. Chelsea could win Spurs Fans

People say that I’m difficult, but I’m only difficult for the ones that don’t share my principles. 

On Principles

Everything is about is about the group, and professionalism and commitment and respect for the club and respect for the mates, respect for the fans… Players are only big when they make the others better…

on the biggest lesson learned

We cannot do in the Premier League this season. We can. I’m not saying we will do. We can win next season…

On winning Premier league title

I have so many friends that the President is the first one; he loves me, I love him. We are friends, we speak, we exchange an SMS, we wish you luck, we wish Christmas Happy birthday, good luck for the game.

On Talking to Friends in Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho Press Conference